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Here you will find information about things I have built and worked on over the years.

Here for levitators? View my old page here. View the thread here where I offer more information on repulsive levitation.
See more projects, products taken apart, and things exploding on my youtube channel here.
Want more? Browse my random image folder here. See my CNC machine here.

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Assorted Projects

New as of 1-4-2011: 445nm blue laser! I built a 1.2W handheld laser. This project has its own page here.

Single transistor class-e Tesla Coil. 170vdc driven direct from mains. See this site for design info for this type of coil. Do not build this or any other mains driven projects without proper knowledge of electrical safety. The author takes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information on this web site.

DRSSTC full bridge. IXGN60N60C2D1 IGBT's.

My version 1 DRSSTC controller. Schematic here.

Class-e PLL Tesla Coil driver. Schematic here. See it explode here.

Custom 50V, 5A switching power supply. Schematic here.

Control daughter board. UC3825 based.

Newer Levitators

View my old page here. View the thread here where I offer more information on repulsive levitation.
I have received many requests over the years to help with the design of these levitators. I recently drew a schematic for a simple PD levitator on request of a student. I have not tested this design so I suggest that you try it if you are interested. If you do build this, please let me know how it works so I can update this page.

Version 5 repulsive levitator. 3-D hall effect based sensing. ATMEGA168 microcontroller.

The complete setup back in 2009 during testing.

The controller.

Version 6. Worked but was hard to stabilize. Used a new inductive sensing technique I developed. Capable of about 10 thousand position samples per second on each sensor. I may continue this project someday with an FPGA and/or DSP. More processing power is needed to stabilize this levitator. I was able to levitate with this device using no hall effect sensors and no optical sensors.

Older Levitators

Versions 3 and 4.

Version 2.

First test (version 1)

My CNC setup

Seig X2 machine sold by harbor freight tools. Three axis CNC added with custom Z-axis ballscrew assembly.

About the Author

I am a 21 year old electrical engineering student in Cookeville, TN.

All text and images on this site are the property of the author.
If you wish to use my designs for profit or as part of your own work, please contact me to arrange something.